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Sun Towels

Sunbed Towels

Sunbed Towels
Towel sizes 70 x 183 cm
Towel sizes 140 x 183 cm 55 x 72

Welcome to our newest additions to Irish Linen Properties with our Sunbed Towels range.

Our new Sunbed Towels comes with various different designs and colours, and sizes that will be sure to making your sunning, a fresh and cooling experience wherever you are in the world.

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100% Pure Irish Linen

Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Design

Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Design

Inspired, Designed, and made with love our Heavy Herringbone Linen Blanket is soft, substantial and sensational.

Woven with the depth of a natural colour. Our heavy duty linen weft and a heavy duty elephant yarn warp embodies the feeling of welcome, comfort and home. Soft to the touch with the natural drape and weight that we all love in a blanket.

Just to add that extra touch of luxury the blanket is subtly fringed all the way around. The inspiration as you most likely already know, follows the Herringbone design. How do you define the design? Herringbone follows a distinctive V shaped design and weaving pattern.

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