Shipping policy

In terms of when you should expect delivery, we are experiencing high volumes of orders. We're weaving, washing, cutting, and sewing the fabric every day to get orders fulfilled. For small orders, we aim to get the masks out to you within a week - this of course depends on the number of orders we get! Feel free to get in touch if you'd like an update on your order progress. (If we have time, we can even send you a photo of the manufacturing process - because novelty!)

If your order is large, please phone us on +44 (0) 28 406 23491 to place the order as we have better price breaks when orders are in larger volumes. We'll also be able to give you a better approximate delivery date.

We only offer shipping methods that allow us to affix a barcode, insure the products, and that offer some level of tracking or guarantee. Things are uncertain at the moment and we want to make sure you receive your orders. The majority of orders are sent via Royal Mail, who have also recently increased their postage prices, too. We constantly update and revise the shipping methods we offer to make sure you get the cheapest, most secure, and fastest options available.

Thank you!