Welcome to Irish Linen Properties shop collections. Here you can see a collection of contemporary Irish Linen products ranging from Washable Face Masks, Sun Scarves, Fever Blankets, and our latest Quick Drying Linen Cotton Union bathroom towel range. We are continually adding new products to our ranges to give you style that will last a lifetime.

Designer Scarf - Summer Scarves

We have created a Designer Scarf collection to keep you warm and cool wherever you go. Our range is inspired by the various cultures and colours of the world. Reflecting vibrant colours with each design. Leaving you obsessed with our scarves. Ranging from Dublin Bay Sunrise, taking inspiration from Dublin views over Howth, to the beautiful Bo Phut design, paying homage to the warm sunny beaches of Thailand.

Our Scarves also have some amazing benefits that will keep you content and comfortable for a long time. Let's focus on how our Scarves can benefit you:

Each Designer Scarf Is Antibacterial

With our Designer Scarf, because they are made from Linen, it has the advantage of having great features that will change how you see and use Linen.

Our Designer Scarves are Antibacterial, essentially allowing you to keep all unwanted bacteria caught in the fibers. These advantages are most useful with people who suffer from allergies or who are trying to protect themselves from the flu or viruses out in public. When unwanted bacteria is caught inside, it destroys the bacteria from the source because of natural benefits, it creates a hostile environment that bacteria cannot live in and this is why it is a perfect solution to unwanted bacteria. 

Designer Scarf Is Hypoallergenic

When considering your allergies and irritation, some clothing materials do indeed fall into this category. Most materials are made naturally and because of this, there are people who naturally don't have protection when it comes to allergies. This creates sensitivities for skin and your face, this may be from animal allergies or others like hay fever, which can halt your daily lives. With Linen, these issues are quite different, Linen is great for catching bacteria and allergies and destroying it from the source.

It’s also a natural fiber, and because of this, it is very gentle on your skin and gives you no irritation like some other materials do when subjected to allergies. Also, some fibres cause your skin to become very irritated. Other natural materials house the allergies or bacteria and allow them to live on these materials, causing further irritation or infection.

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Green tone mask front viewGreen tone mask side view
Face Masks - Linen Adult...
Starting at £10.99
Three Examples of Our DIY Mask KitsBlack DIY Mask Kit
DIY Face Masks - Adult...
Starting at £5.00
Linen Fever Blanket CollectionFever Blankets
Fever Blankets
Starting at £89.99
Face Mask - 100% Linen Reusable - CheckmateyFace Mask - 100% Linen Reusable - Checkmatey
Face Mask - 100% Linen...
Designer Scarf - Linen Summer ScarvesDesigner Scarf - Linen Summer Scarves
Designer Scarf - Linen Summer...
Starting at £15.88
Surgical Mask - Washable Linen Face Mask Front ViewSurgical Mask - Washable  Linen Face Mask Front View
Washable Linen Face Mask
100% Linen Washable Face Mask - Camouflage100% Linen Washable Face Mask - Camouflage
100% Linen Washable Face Mask...
Reusable Face Mask - 100% Linen Disco Inferno Mask - FrontReusable Face Mask - 100% Linen Disco Inferno Mask Side View
Reusable Face Mask - 100%...
Hand Towels - Quick Drying  Linen Cotton Union
Hand Towels - Quick Drying...
Washcloth - Quick Drying Linen Cotton Union
Washcloth - Quick Drying Linen...
Soap Saver - Linen Cotton Union - Quick Drying
Soap Saver - Linen Cotton...
Bath Towel - Quick Drying Linen Cotton Union
Bath Towel - Quick Drying...