Check out our washable face mask collection with Irish Linen Properties. Our face masks are made from 100% pure Irish linen, using the same traditional techniques used to create linen materials since the 1800s and before. All of our linen is produced and manufactured in Banbridge Co. Down, Northern in the mesmerizing foothills of the Mourne mountains, ensuring the highest quality linens on the market. 

Linen has amazing natural features that are essential when understanding how linen can benefits us in the new normal. Safety nowaday is of the utmost importance when it comes to how we proceed into the future, and in our daily lives we could see a lot of changes.

Face Masks Are Naturally Antibacterial

When understanding the importance of Linen, its antibacterial properties can usually be the most relevant topic of conversation. Linen has many features that are all natural and will help you over time, and this exact reason is why we use Linen to create our masks, because they are naturally antibacterial. Bacteria is caught by the linen fibers, and destroyed from the source. Linen is also great for unwanted bacteria because the Linen fibers have dispersing properties that are also very long lasting. Bacteria can find it very difficult to reproduce and spread on linen, making it ideal for bed linen and clothing. Bacteria will have a much longer lifespan on solid surfaces, but with Linen, it doesn’t stand a chance!

Other materials like cotton and polyester, do indeed have these known properties, but not on the same scalability as Linen. So, be confident in knowing that you will have the best protection possible when using Linen Properties.

Each mask is beautifully handcrafted to give yourself the best protection possible when in public or travelling. Our washable face masks come in a variety of colours and are sized to suit everyone's needs. Our colours include:

  1. Shades of Pink
  2. Shades of Green
  3. Dark Shades 
  4. Natural Earth Tones
  5. Checkmatey - Oatmeal

Each colour has been specially designed and chosen from Linen colour swatches created by Thomas Ferguson’s Irish Linen and John England. Every year a new color palette is created to showcase our every changing palettes.

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Green tone mask front viewGreen tone mask side view
Face Masks - Linen Adult...
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Three Examples of Our DIY Mask KitsBlack DIY Mask Kit
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Face Mask - 100% Linen Reusable - CheckmateyFace Mask - 100% Linen Reusable - Checkmatey
Face Mask - 100% Linen...
Surgical Mask - Washable Linen Face Mask Front ViewSurgical Mask - Washable  Linen Face Mask Front View
Washable Linen Face Mask
100% Linen Washable Face Mask - Camouflage100% Linen Washable Face Mask - Camouflage
100% Linen Washable Face Mask...