Linen Bathroom Range

Introducing our new quick drying Linen Cotton Union Range. Our quick drying towels are amazingly robust because of the natural properties that Linen uses, but also perfectly soft to the touch and will be a perfect addition to any bathroom or shower room. Our Linen Cotton Union towels are made with a beautiful Navy and white colour scheme that are sure to match any bathroom.

Our quick drying Linen Cotton union towels are made in the Mourne mountains, in the beautiful historic town of banbridge where Linen has been spun and woven since the mid 1800’s. Irish Linen is the popular range of Linen in the market.

Linen has amazon features that are worth mentioning when understanding the importance of Linen.

Linen Is Antibacterial

Our Linen Cotton Union towels are antibacterial. What does antibacterial mean? Antibacterial properties including fibers or materials are NOT the best scarfaces for bacteria to live and multiply. In most clothing materials, they do have some of the same benefits as cotton and polyester, but they are only a faction as what Linen is. Because bacteria needs to live on hard surfaces, it can spread. With our towels, you don’t have to worry about the bacteria buildup with our breathable quick drying towels.

Linen Is Naturally Wicking

Stay comfortable at all times with Linen Cotton Union Range. Because of the naturally wicking properties of Linen, you won’t get all hot and bothered like you tend to do when you are sweating or generally uncomfortable. Linen will sweep all of your body's perspiration into the Linen fibers, leaving you feel fresh at all times without the smell or wetness. Again, with the cotton union towels, like it says on the tin, they are indeed amazingly quick drying - Simply leave out and see the difference between a conventional towel and a quick drying towel. 

Another fantastic feature worth mentioning is the cleanliness of Linen Cotton Union is the durability of our towels, not just in the sense that they are long lasting, but in the sense that our towels will stay cleaner for much longer than your conventional towel. With Linen’s natural antibacterial properties, it can keep your Linen Cotton significantly cleaner and fresher for longer. From the quick drying feature, it catches and traps all bacteria and destroys it from the source, allowing the linen to breath and disperse the NOW dead bacteria. 

Our quick dry collection is designed to meet your needs in this new normal covid 19 life we are living in. 

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