Fergusons Irish Linen face and neck covering Sun Scarves are a great low key solution for those  who prefer not to wear a mask. They are so comfortable to wear and easy to lower and raise when required. 

Made in the UK out of pure Irish Linen,  they are super for summer and indoor wear. 

Anti-microbial, anti allergenic, wicking (feel dry all the time), sustainable, planet friendly 

All this …….and they look fabulous too.

  • Made in the UK
  • 100% pure Irish Linen
  • Naturally Anti Allergenic – so anyone can use it, young, old, sensitive and all those in between
  • Naturally Anti microbial/bacterial – Linen is naturally Anti-microbial /anti bacterial
  • Naturally wicking -takes perspiration away from the body - keeping you comfortable
  • Natural Thermo Regulator - Naturally Temperature controlling
  • Washable & tumble – hygiene is vital especially when you are ill. (Can be boiled)
  • For Bulk (over 50) units, call for a quote on 028 4062 3491 or email info@johnengland.com
Designer Scarf - Linen Summer ScarvesDesigner Scarf - Linen Summer Scarves
Designer Scarf - Linen Summer Scarves
Starting at £15.88