Quick Drying Bathroom Range

Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Blanket

Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Blanket

Not only will our weighted blankets be cosy, but it's also very long lasting. So when purchasing your blankets, look for blankets that will last and provide the most comfort, that's why after all, Linen is known as the world's strongest fabrics. So, durable is certainly the favoured word to describe the features of our weighted blankets! The Linen fibres for our weighted blankets are naturally:

Blankets and Throws - Linen & Lamb's Wool Fusion Blanket

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Discover your very own Linen wool blend blankets, with these blankets, you know that you are getting the highest quality products. Produced in our headquarters in the foothills of the Mourne mountains, giving you both style, and perfect functionality that will last a lifetime.

Linen Fever Blanket Collection

Cooling Blankets - Fever Blankets

It’s more substantial than a sheet and actively cools you when you’re hot by wicking away your sweat and letting your skin breathe. (That’s why a lot of hot countries traditionally wear clothes made from linen.) When you’re too cold, it also is able to insulate you, to stop you getting cold. Yes, it does sound a little bit like magic, but to be fair, it is that good.

Glass Cloths & Working Kitchen Tea Towels

Linen Aprons

Linen Rich Aprons - Linen Cotton Blend

Linen Rich Aprons - Linen Cotton Blend

Special Introductory Offer - 48% OFF Welcome to Irish Linen properties newest additions to the protect range. Introducing our Linen aprons, make you for in a domestic or professional environment, you can keep yourself clean and protected from heaviest of stains to the delicately of handling flowers. Our Linen aprons have a series of various uses and occasions to accommodate your needs.

French Collection

New Additions

Linen Tea Towels - French Collection

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