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Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Design

Weighted Blanket - Heavy Herringbone Design

£54.00 £99.00
Inspired, Designed, and made with love our Heavy Herringbone Linen Blanket is soft, substantial and sensational.

Woven with the depth of a natural colour. Our heavy duty linen weft and a heavy duty elephant yarn warp embodies the feeling of welcome, comfort and home. Soft to the touch with the natural drape and weight that we all love in a blanket.

Just to add that extra touch of luxury the blanket is subtly fringed all the way around. The inspiration as you most likely already know, follows the Herringbone design. How do you define the design? Herringbone follows a distinctive V shaped design and weaving pattern.

Chambray Napkins Pack of 4

Chambray Napkins Pack of 4 - Linen Napkins

Chambray Napkins Pack of 4 - Linen Napkins

What makes our 100% pure Irish linen Chambray Linen napkins so popular? The white warp yarns intersecting with the fabulous colours make our Linen napkins look so bright and clean they are a pleasure to use.

Perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner, with super soft finish – Just sit back and enjoy the compliments as they flood in. Dress your table with fresh spring flowers to complete the perfect table dressings. Our Linen Napkins have some great benefits worth mentioning that will be sure to change everything you know about bedding: Long lasting and very durable Catches sweat and perspiration from your body Hypoallergenic, made from natural Linen with no allergies Antibacterial dispersing unwanted bacteria to keep your Linen napkins fresher at all times. Keep you cool at all times with Linens natural benefits

What is Chambray? and how is it made?

The Chambray material is a type of natural fabric. Chambray can be produced from Linen or cotton. In our case, we produce our Chambray material from 100% Pure Irish Linen, Produced in the beautiful foothills of the Mourne mountain in Northern Ireland.

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